Chapter 200.Stolen Iphone 5
Sunday, 1 December 2013 - Permalink - 0 Comments
Dear Diary

It has been a very bad week because someone in my office steals my Iphone 5? You must be thinking how did it happened ? Well I was back from lunch at 2.15 pm I went to the photocopy machine to print out my documents and I was still holding on  to my documents while waiting I was using my phone  to serve the net and  went back to office desk to keep my wallet in my bag and the phone on the table as I was expecting my agent to get back to me in regards to my timesheet.


At 4pm was my last submission went to submit my documents and  I did not put my iphone in my bag as everyone in the office puts it on the desk and I return from my desk I realise my phone was gone ! I was So angry and Upset as I have recently changed my Iphone and I could not track my phone as someone has took my phone and throw my sim card away. I went to make a 3 hour report on this ! Somehow there was no news about .I Have to be extra careful next time, my dad bought me a replacement for a Iphone 5s.